Tuesday, 2 July 2013

We Live In a Riba World - Whether You Like It or Not

Okay, so now there's a war against riba. What riba? Worldwide riba!

Let me list out to you how so:

  • Fiat (paper) money,
  • Central banks controlling the above (also applies to the Federal Reserve, IMF, World Bank, and any other organisations playing that role),
  • All other banks in a fractional reserve banking system (however you label them),
  • ... and a society living in perpetual credit (see how big your country's debt is here).
So, my dear reader, unless you are living somewhere totally unaffected by any of the above, I am sorry, but you have been living in riba. Indeed, this is the time where we have been forewarned:

The Prophet (SAW) said: A time is certainly coming to mankind when only the receiver of usury will remain, and if he does not receive it, some of its dust will reach him.
Abu Dawud Book 016, Hadith Number 3325

"Well, that's the way life is", I hear someone say?

Excuse me! Someone has obviously not been reading history. In times of glory for the Muslim civilization, we have none of the above. I repeat, NONE OF THE ABOVE (fiat money, central banks, etc.).

So what do we do now? How can we change our ways to return to the amal (practices) of Ahl al-Madinah (the best example of Muslim society) so that we can once again reclaim reverence for the Ummah, a position reserved for communities striving to live by the perfect religion of Islam? The question is in itself the answer: we need to return to our roots. We need to submit to Allah!

But we need a plan to do that. We have been doing something, but we need to do more. And here, in this humble blog, I'll share with you my plans to do just that. Watch this space.

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