Thursday, 11 July 2013

Project "P" - RM 500 Billion of Real Money To The People?

Firstly, a clarification on the oxymoron – RM (fiat money) is NOT Real Money (see last post for my definition of the term 'real money'). I'm using figures based on a common local measure to easier illustrate the worth of real money at current valuations. So what the title actually means is that it could be about 833,333,333 Dinars – if a Dinar is worth RM 600 today.

Secondly, in my near-term aim to address an important issue in my current country of residence, Malaysia, this post applies mainly for Malaysians; but fret not my international audience – if it can happen here, it can happen anywhere!

Thirdly, this is not some sales pitch selling stuff! This is serious strategy about getting out of riba. Read on to follow.

Okay, now that we've got that out of the way...

How does RM 500 Billion (estimated project valuation) worth of real money to the people sound to you?

Offering Malaysians security in the future of their wealth, a proven protection against inflation, creating a foundation of a financially resilient economic environment...

Better yet, what if I told you that this project code-named "P", can:

  1. Make real money 'available' to the people in a large and liquid quantity (obviously!).
    -to have an idea how much that is, it's roughly 33 Dinars or 792 dirhams per person in Malaysia
  2. Mitigate the concerns of value fluctuation that prevents people from appreciating real money.
    -gold going down? not too worry – the dip following the peak caused by the most recent global financial crisis is bottoming out, and the gradual upward trend (see the bigger picture below) will resume and this is the best time to get back to real money; the project also places protection from short-term trends

    The Big Picture

    The above objectives which will logically lead on to:
  3. Having widespread acceptance of real money, without necessitating (immediate or indefinitely) the status of legal tender.
    -let RM remain (for now), as long as the 'real money' is appropriately classified and by virtue of being pervasively prevalent, it will be recognized for the value it carries, with or without any official currency status
  4. Opening up possibilities of appropriate regular usage applications of real money that matches its valuations.
    -i.e. using dirhams for medium-value transactions (e.g. filling petrol for vehicles, monthly overheads, etc.) and Dinars for high-value transactions (e.g. paying for premise rentals/lease, utility bills, etc.)
  5. Enabling integrated advanced functionality with the critical mass of users reached.
    -e.g. modern conveniences such as online-access to real money transactions, card-based payment system, etc. will ease usage adoption
(The necessity of points 1-5 addressing current issues of real money are highlighted in the past post.)


The people wins, the polity wins, everyone-else-in-between wins!

Furthermore, Project "P":

  • Is not a burden on government funds. (Why would we want to add such a huge sum to the already large riba-based national debt?! But some minor funding is still required to set up systems in place.)
  • Will not disadvantage citizens by taxing them of any additional monies (fiat or real) other than that they are already doing.
  • Benefits virtually all employed people and businesses employing people. Well, benefits virtually all people!
  • Unite all Malaysians – be them of different religion or race, by any political or apolitical preferences; but perhaps not the rotten riba-based robbers.
  • Can be replicated by other nations* for all of the above benefits.
*For the uninitiated, the correct objective I hold as a Muslim would be for the Ummah to be governed world-wide (with requisite delegated geographical jurisdictions) united under a caliph in full submission to Allah – commonly called a Caliphate; and, that I view the current system of democratically constitutional countries (especially the Muslim-majority ones)—demarcated & disunitedas a temporal taint preceding the revival of a revered Islamic rule. This is a subject for another discussion.

This, dear reader, is a no-loss offer no-one would refuse! Especially if one is aware of the evils of fiat money and the perils that comes with it (you can read all about it in my previous posts)!! And, I am fairly confident to say that all striving Muslims who are dedicating their lives submitting to Allah and following the ways of His Messenger Muhammad SAW in the war against riba will welcome this opportunity to bring us closer towards reviving the glory of our Ummah, one that is free from riba!!!  INSHA-ALLAH

Okay, back to earth.

Too good to be true? A fictional fantasy? What's the catch?

Here are the terms I see how Project "P" can be put in place:

  • It has to be implemented as a government/national policy, with the political will it requires.

THAT IS ALL TO IT! If the government agrees & adopts Project "P", we are all set to see the biggest global transition ever from fiat money to real money, most possibly in a few years from now (patience, nothing happens overnight!); the sooner the better – before the imminent collapse of the fiat money system. And if other governments/nations follow suit, the world may very well see a shift of the financial epicenter from a hegemonic fiat money & manipulated markets** controlled by the few, to a global freedom of currency for the people, reinstating the rights of fairness and mutual consent in trade. Amin.

(**At sums this huge, if several nations doing this project withdraws real gold & silver (not 'paper gold/silver') from the manipulated markets, those scheming speculators will have nothing left to swindle with!)

A reminder:
And [remember, O Muhammad], when those who disbelieved plotted against you to restrain you or kill you or evict you [from Makkah]. But they plan, and Allah plans. And Allah is the best of planners.
Quran 8:30

Due to the strategic importance of this idea, I will take the opportunity to reveal, in person, Project "P" to a select group of people in the coming days, along with a brief outline of how I plan to get the government to agree to this and what you can do to support, before I present it to the public (by publishing on this blog) for help in fine-tuning the project to a presentable policy paper.

And all praises be to Allah who inspires all.

I'll be back soon...

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