Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Muamalat – Introduction

I have been talking a lot about Muamalat. So what is Muamalat? Literally, it is interaction between humans. However, in the context of my writings, its definition is taken to be how it is used in the economic sense, where Muamalat is generally translated as the ‘Islamic economic model’. (Some may argue that ‘economics’ is not Islamic; but for the purpose of this discussion, the relation in definitions is used to express concepts that can be connected to current realities.)

So why is Muamalat important? Very briefly, in order for Muslims to return to a ‘golden age’ as prophesied, we cannot be operating in an economic system based on riba (let’s call this ‘conventional economics’). As how Muslims were operating in Muamalat from the days of the prophet SAW right up till the fall of the Ottoman Caliphate (the last unified age of the Ummah in power), it is only logical that a return of Islam’s glory is supported by all aspects that make Muslims in total submission to Allah SWT, including practicing Muamalat (as opposed as being supported by conventional economics).

So, in cognisance of my pointed agenda in politics to reintroduce Muamalat to the masses, my writings on this personal blog of mine will include Muamalat matters to help frame my ideas and share my sentiments, as part of a larger effort in more structured Muamalat activities I hope to activate soon. The reader, although may gain some benefit in understanding Muamalat from this blog, will definitely do much better by participating in formal classes and perusing well-documented reading materials elsewhere, but I will still share my ideas here in an ad hoc (and sometimes incoherent) manner for those interested to follow my personal train of thoughts. And because my time is limited, sliced into many small slivers of several sub-activities, the blog posts will be short too. Perhaps it will help in retaining attention spans of the tech-overwhelmed readers. I should know, I'm one of them.