Friday, 28 June 2013

The War Against Riba - The War of Our Times

Allah has given mankind many warnings against riba. Next to shirk, riba is perhaps the most prevalent, devastating sin that today is drowning the people of the world in a flood of false economics & financial greed. A misguided scourge designed by a minority to suppress the rights and freedom of the majority. An evil plot that ends in the hoarding of wealth to a handful, who mistakenly belief that material prowess controls all in this world.

Not surprisingly, in the Quran 2:279, Allah and His Messenger has declared war on those who persist in riba. It does not take a genius to guess who will win this war. The question now is, on whose side are you on? And what are you doing about it? Know you that Allah has power over all things, and enough is He as a disposer of our affairs. If you are a Muslim, the time to act is now. Help yourselves to overcome this pitiful state the Ummah has declined into, because of our malaise in the matter of riba. Islam is a perfect religion (Quran 5:3), therefore the Muslims, who have once shined in this world with proper practice of their religion, will once again rise with the return to our roots, the return of our rights, the return in reverence.

I have started this blog as an avenue to declare my submission to Allah SWT and my dedication to the ways of Rasulullah SAW, specifically in the matter of the war against riba, and the establishment of what should be in its place - trade in a manner that is just & halal, practices of which are collectively known as "Muamalat". All praises be to Allah, He has positioned me today in such a station where I am obliged to play my role in this war in the capacity that I am entrusted with. With the clarity that His signs has manifested in me, that it would be to my own misery if I do not act upon my conviction.

Therefore, in the name of Allah, most beneficent, most merciful, I, Irwan Ambak, hereby begin this phase of my life, indulging in battles after battles, without fear nor favor to anyone but my Lord, in this war against riba - the war of our times.

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

I'm a Blogger!

Hello world

The Post title says it all... I'm now officially blogging! :)

Irwan Ambak

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